Stress Release Desk Boxing Punching Bag

  • $29.99


  • This punching bag is great for kids and adults. It allows for fun times practicing strength coordination and speed, while enhancing your skills and staying fit. This boxing set is ideal for the active adults and kids in your life.
  • This desktop punching set is great for anyone who needs a stress relief outlet while at work or while studying. It is a healthy outlet for stress while having fun and staying fit.
  • This table top punching bag has a high tension spring built to bounce back after every hit. Built to last our stress punching bag can take what you can dish out hit after hit for as long as you need. Handy air pump included to get started.
  • This desktop punching bag is the perfect gift for anyone who needs stress and anger relief or just wants to have a fun way of staying fit. Makes for a great fathers day gift, as well as birthday or holiday gift for boss, friends and family.

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